Turn-Key Solutions We take care of the whole turnkey process. We guarantee a one-stop-shop!

We offer comprehensive and complete solutions tailored to best fit your specific needs and specifications. Our extensive experience and understanding of systems and various industries means that our turnkey solutions yield direct benefits and results. Our solutions are effective, efficient and easy to use. Our technical and engineering teams closely follow all the latest technological developments in order to offer you a state-of-the-art optimum solution.


Your journey with us starts with a feasibility or construction design and ends where you want it to. All your solutions and projects under a single roof, we even source the skilled staff necessary to run your project.

With our extensive experience in the breadth of the industrial sector our experienced engineers and project engineers are poised to take responsibility for a total solution and provide input throughout the entire process: from consultancy and design to maintenance and renovation. After all, you are not just looking for a high-quality product but also for low costs throughout the economic life of your installation.


With the knowledge, skills and insight from P. I. Marketing, your project will be expertly managed, accomplishing the specific set of goals initially set out on project onset.