Powder Coating Our services and products run the full length of the powder coating industry, from powder to oven calibrations, we do it all!



As the sole agent for Powder-Lak in the Eastern Cape, we supply all services and products as delivered by Powder-Lak nationwide.


We have an extensive range of International RAL colours and SABS standards, as well as colours compatible with Pantone standards. Our labs are fitted with the latest in colour matching technology. We will help you find that perfect powder for any application.


All of our colours are available in the following finishes: Gloss, Semi-Matt, Matt, Texture and Sandpaper Texture.




We now produce a powder coating powder that is able to kill bacteria and viral spore with a 99.95% effective rate.


This product is perfect for furniture, refrigeration and hospital equipment applications.


Spray Guns


As the designer of the most robust and coast effective powder coating spray gun unit if South Africa, we will advise, source, and supply the best possible equipment for your needs. Services and repairs are done in house to all but a few makes and supplying spare parts for your own repair is also possible.



Our plants and equipment design team will custom design the coating requirements, build it, fully install it, commission it, train your staff to run and maintain it, as well as offer to service it with our own staff. We also maintain, change, and improve existing plants to keep up to date with the modern production methods.

 Festival / Holi throwing Powder


P.I Marketing now stocks and supplies a wide variety of Holi powder used for all your events and festivals.


Let us bring colour to your event with some of our very unique powder choices. We supply party packs which consists of 450g of each colour.


Colours include - Pink, yellow, orange, red, black, grey, green, silver, violet, glow in the dark, fragrance and more. Contact us to find out more.



Quality Standards


All our powders are produced to the highest ISO and SABS quality standards.  A product never leaves our factory unless its quality and accuracy has been checked and approved by our labs.


Our labs are fitted with the latest in colour matching technology.


To assure the quality and accuracy of the powder produced our factory produces a small quantity of powder which is tested by our labs to ensures that it matches the powder order in all aspects. Once approved the powder is put into production. At each stage of production a small sample is tested to ensure that the powder remains compliant with quality standards. Once a batch has been produced our labs run the full battery of test to ensure that the powder meets national and international quality standards as well as the specifications requested by the customer.


Commitment to SA and the Enviroment


All of our products are manufactured locally, by local talent using raw materials sourced, wherever possible, from South African suppliers. P.I.Marketing and our suppliers know that every Rand spent on an imported product robs out local market of opportunities to create jobs.


We refuse to make use of cheap imports being thrown into our markets and stand by our commitment that quality and service can be achieved without sending money abroad



We run a comprehensive in house training programme which covers the entire field of powder coating. The training is comprehensive enough to be provided for buyers, maintenance staff, production managers and administrative staff. We train your staff to improve your quality, reduce coast, increase productivity, reduce maintenance, and improve on floor coating to increase your customer base as well as your profit margins.

Oven Calibration & Temp Recordings


This is done with on-line testing equipment which will not only record the radiant temperature but also the metal temperature as required by your customers. We will supply you with graft and multi point/time printouts as well as oven reports from our experts.

Technical Consultation


We provide technical consulting for fault finding and problem solving in the full spectrum of the wet and powder coating industry.

With 30 years of experiences in the coating field, we assist numerous companies to solve their coating problems as well as designing changes to more profitable forms of output.

Booth Inspections


We are registered with CMC Booth manufactures and will certify your spray booth on a 6 monthly basis as specified by the car manufactures themselves so that you may pass your certificate inspections from VW, GM, and others.